The Symposium

Hong Kong Society for The Protection of Children (HKSPC) co-organizes an International Symposium, under the theme of “Child Care and Development”, with the Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University on 14-15 Oct., 2016, as a major event celebrating HKSPC’s 90th Anniversary.

It is an interdisciplinary meeting, in which local and overseas scholars and practitioners from the fields of child care/early childhood education, medical sciences and social sciences will give presentations and workshops to enlighten participants on the current unmet developmental needs of young children in Hong Kong, the challenges to ensure young children having age-appropriate development to optimize their potentials, and the global trend of government policies to address young children’s needs and to support parents.

The Organizers

Established in 1926, Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children is one of the largest charitable organizations which focus on the care and welfare of children. All these years, we offer professional Child-Centered care and education to young children.

The Department of Social Work at HKBU was founded in 1956. It has become unique as a single department providing training and education for critical and committed social workers that integrating intellectual and professional vigor, addressing personal suffering and structural issues and confronting social inequality and promoting diversity in society.